Joey and I had a blast at the monsterpalooza show. We got some great feedback for the corsets and harnesses created for our company trite . I made many prototypes and spent countless hours getting the fit and the patterns just right for these 5 pieces. I still have other designs some which you can see in the leather album in my gallery that didn't make the cut but I like them anyway. Check out the rest of the designs trite in the trite folder also in the gallery. is it trite to use the work trite too much in a paragraph?
Also at monsterpaloza, Joey and I brought out some new theraplush designs that we made together. They can be used as cell phone or camera cases or as a place to hide trinkets or candy. Boris as Frankenstein's monster and his bride Elsa as well as a Yeti and a Sasquatch. These designs will be up for sale soon along with the other Theraplush creations. at our Etsy store