goodbye LA!

That's right, I am no longer living in Los Angles. My husband and I just moved back to the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.I had a nice 3 years in Los Angeles. I went there to see what I could do in the entertainment industry hoping to work for Disney or some big network doing wardrobe, or hit the fashion scene, while taking advantage of the local eduction in the Fashion District. I had a blast working for independent designers in the field of special effects and the crazy fast paced world of fashion. I also greatly enjoyed making large walk around costumes for the top three entertainment companies, All while attending school to become classically trained in my favorite subject of Fashion Technical Design at Los Angeles Trade Tech. Los Angles was full of fun things to do and see and many people to meet and connect with. I made some great friends out there whom I miss dearly. Thank goodness for facebook and skype. It was also a gigantic and daunting, rather dirty place to be. I just noticed last night that I haven't heard an ambulance siren the whole week I have been in Pittsburgh when I used to hear them almost constantly! Also I can go to a park and really feel in touch with nature, breathing the fresh green air without running into a bouncy castle or stepping in a pile of trash. Anyway, I am psyched to be back in this beautiful city where I see so much potential for my husband and I to take root and branch out. And to top it all off we have our dear family and friends close by which makes for so many fun times and a great network for sharing love, support, and best of all Art!

This dress was my last big project-aside from my work at school-that I made just before I left. I was inspired by French romanticism and spring in this design that I draped on my dress form.