Soft Goods

Product Design

Whether your project requires some basic troubleshooting, or a fully-designed, engineered, production-ready prototype, Jen Rocket LLC has the talents and resources to make the objects that don’t yet exist. Let’s get your ideas out of your head and into the real world.

It may seem that sewing is a fading American industry; however, it is thriving at Jen Rocket LLC. We don’t just sew. We design. We stream-line. We engineer, and we make sure that your gold-sample is exactly the product you want representing your business.

From corporations to start-ups we offer services that are strong in design, communication, and project flexibility.


"I approached Jen during the beginning stages of my company for her expertise in soft goods and product development. She quickly became a cornerstone of my team as she provided advice on existing design features, developed new ideas, and helped get the product to the manufacturing stage."

-Courtney Williamson, CEO - AbiliLife


Studio Services

  • Concept development & refinement
  • Fit, function, & styling research
  • Materials sourcing assistance
  • Pattern draping & drafting
  • Iterative sample sewing
  • Fit testing, size chart development
  • Tech pack/Spec sheet building
  • Factory communications
  • Textile equipment sourcing

Types of Products

  • Wearable technology
  • Medical/personal care
  • Sporting goods
  • Pet care
  • Mascot costuming
  • Specialty garments
  • Tactical Gear
  • Props
  • Toys

"Jen has a wide understanding and grasp of product development from idea through reality and the talent to make it happen. She adds value from research and prototyping through optimizing design for production. She has been an asset in building the Spand-Ice product line."

-Helen Behn, CEO - Spand-Ice


Some of the companies

We Have Helped


Ongoing soft goods, product design and development for wearable therapy apparel • Pattern draping, pattern drafting, and iterative sample sewing to improve fit and function • Incorporation of ice/heat technology • Materials sourcing/testing, factory communication • Construction of tech packs/spec sheets for manufacture


Ongoing soft goods design and development for better fit and function of Calibrace wearable technology • Pattern draping, pattern drafting, and iterative sample making • Materials sourcing/testing, factory communications • Construction of tech packs/spec sheets for manufacture


Translation of concept for specialty prop costume • Incorporation of specialty electrical components • Pattern draping • Fabrication to specification

Translation of new medical device concepts for soft goods application • Iterative product development including draping, pattern drafting, and sample making • Materials sourcing and testing for incorporating wearable technology



Product development assistance for fit and function of engineered system for bust weight distribution • Pattern draping, pattern drafting, and iterative sample sewing • Assistance with production sewing options.


Translation of concept for set of educational toys • Iterative product design • Simplification for small production run • Pattern drafting and sample fabrication.

Translation of new design concepts for sporting equipment and more • Design and development for functionality using soft goods • Pattern draping, pattern drafting, and iterative sample-making.


Soft goods, product development assistance for technologically-minded baby products • Pattern draping, pattern drafting, and sample making • Improved fit and function of soft goods • Assistance with industrial sewing-machine maintenance, and purchasing new equipment



Update of initial prototype design for better integration with wearable technology, ease of use, and access to the electronics • Improved fit for comfort, and improved technical functionality through re-design, accommodating a greater range of sizes