new stuff to share

go to my gallery to see some new corset and harness work that I have made. You will find the Trite designs in the corset gallery and the leather gallery. These designs will be sold this April 8th-10th at Monsterpalooza! Enjoy!

UPDATE: it looks as though Rocketgig a venture that Joey and I have begun together where we design plush monsters that are super cute and some that are super functional! These will also be sold at Monsterpalooza this April. Keep your eyes and ears open for my next post where I will share these creatures. Lucky for you there is one in this blog if you just scroll down you'll see Thorn, the grey fuzzy guy with the horns and teeth.

And here is a recent project I finished for Jordu Schell of Abraham Lincoln. I draped and constructed the suit for this exquisite silicone bust.

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