so many owls such little time

Hello, Here are some photos of recent owl characters I worked on at Custom Characters Inc. for the new movie Rango the past couple of months. The Owls were a blast to make. I worked on the hat, the wings, airbrushing on the fur, and hand sewing the bow ties and clothes where needed. We did a huge number of these in a short amount of time, that's Hollywood! The other people in the picture represent almost 1/3 of the people who built these guys. The owls were stunningly beautiful in person and I miss them so.

Joey and I saw the movie last Friday and I really enjoyed it. It is SO cool to see the characters I work on alive on the big screen (wihout people inside them) And even the previews are a blast because I have worked on most of the characters I see. It is hard not to get giddy and squeeze Joey's hand the whole time.

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