new studio

So I finally have it together. I feel very lucky to have such a space. A whole room to myself! I will do everything in my power to make the best use of this space both creatively and finanially $$$. Also I welcome anyone to come in and create with me, especially Joey!The room feels a little weird right now though, like it's a picture. I think once I make something, then it will feel more real! I think I will start with altering and fixing some clothes, designing some accessories to sell in Hollywood, and a miniature costume project for a friend. The rest of the apartment is pretty awesome too! It is newly renovated so the whole place is very fresh. The pets seem to like it as well. I must say I feel bad for the cats though because the window sills are so much more narrow than the last. There is always extra kitty hanging over the edge! That's all for now. Thanks