my studio

I have decided to share my studio with you because I believe that one's creative space is very special.  For me, it is where I am most comfortable and spend the best hours of my life.  I am always curious to see how others set up their space and enjoy visiting those places whenever I can. I would love to see all of your work spaces too. I am not sure if you can post pics on here, I'll ask Joey tomorrow. Here are pictures of my current studio. Joey has his work area just across the room from mine. But not for long, I will be disassembling it this week. Joey and I are relocating to a bigger place in North Hollywood. This studio is currently located in what would be a living room in Van Nuys.

For the past year we have spent untold hours creating our art in this space. We have enjoyed our time here and I am already sad to take it apart.  I will post new pictures as soon as the new one is set up.

And for my projects as of late. I have been working on key costumes for The Scarehouse in Pittsburgh PA. I will post pictures of the costumes as soon as I am able. The theme is Steampunk. I have really enjoyed diving into that aesthetic for the past few weeks, and I believe it shows!

Bye for now!