the big project unveiled!

So here it is. I made 10 Steampunk themed costumes for the newest of three haunts called "Rampage" at The Scarehouse Haunted Attraction located in Pittsburgh PA. I first worked with The Scarehosue back in 2003 and then for the past three years in a row. This haunt has been named "America's 5th best haunted attraction" from Haunt World Magazine and it deserves it! I wouldn't be surprised if they climbed higher this year. Be sure to check out their website!I certainly was challenged by this project. I did tons of sketches and research to really feel the theme. The shopping/sewing/construction part took me approximately 2 weeks and 4 days from start to finish. I would not have been able to finish in that short of a time span without my experiences working here in L.A. so far, and especially without help from my friend Kelly Shay. While I am at it, I would like to thank Kelly and Steven for modeling, Keri Kilgo for picking the location and photographing the costumes, and Joey for helping and supporting me through this project. And most of all The Scarehouse peeps for giving me the opportunity. Here are some teasers, go to the gallery to see the rest!

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