Pittsburgh Tribune Review

What a great experience! Today an article came out about me and my studio in the Pittsburgh Tribune ReviewI was contacted by writer JoAnn Harrop who heard about me from one of my latest projects the Grand Prix Dress My husband and business partner Joey had a very nice time with JoAnne during the interview. JoAnne said she loves sharing peoples's stories and I believe she did just that in this article. Joey and I feel that she represented me and my studio wonderfully. It is always a great pleasure to have people visit my studio where I can share what I do with all of my machines, tools, and materials around us. I have worked hard to create a fully functional studio that is also a positive environment to bring clients into where we can be creative together in order to accomplish sewing and design goals. I would like to thank some other contributors to the article, Scott Simmons Co-Owner of The Scarehouse Haunt, Natalie Hendrickson, a Bride whose dress I reworked, and Eanna Holton Business Manager at Specter Studios . Thanks to everyone for your kind words and complements they mean so much to me and I consider myself very lucky to work with all of you! Now I'm off to work on something awesome!!