old lady

So here she is. This was a fun one. I started off draping for the jacket using muslin then cut the velvet and put the panels together. I really liked making the jacket, and there was a good amount of hand work involved. I used a blanket stitch to finish all of the edges and hand stitched the sleeves into the armhole. I used some tulle in the sleeves to give the shoulder puff some support. For the skirt I cut the fabric just eye balling the size of the puppet. I enjoyed making the knife pleats on the hem of the skirt, this involved handwork too, in order to finish the hem before ironing the pleats. There is tulle hidden inside to support the bustle of the skirt. For the lace overlay I just draped it over top of the finished skirt, added ruffle to it and fit it under the jacket.REVISIONS-If you look at the last three pictures of the lady, the clothing is different. The revision was to make her look thinner. So I slimmed down the arms and re did the skirt.

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