Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh

I just handed off a gorgeous and much improved dance costume to one of Pittsburgh's most prolific local celebrities Rachel Booth who was just on KDKA's morning talk show Pittsburgh Today Live I have to say that working with Rachel has been a pleasure as she is delightful, full of energy and most importantly she knew exactly what improvements were needed on the costume she purchased online to wear for "Dancing with the Celebrities of Pittsburgh"Rachel is currently the owner of RelyOn Creative and formerly the co-founder of the wildly popular Living Pittsburgh website

During our first fitting there were a number if things that stood out right away:

1. The initial elastic straps were too dark and uncomfortably placed. Solution= use clear elastic for a cool invisible effect, and more of it for better fit/security.

2. The fringe was flowing all over the top covering the unique "cut out" shape of the design and getting in the way while spinning. Solution= hand tacking a ton of sequins down and using extra trim scraps to fill in areas on the torso for a better look.

4. A spot in the left thigh could use extra coverage Solution= hand/machine stitch leftover trim to cover the area.

5. There was a need for the costume to hug the body better during dancing. Solution= hand sewing "grip" elastic to the lining of the outside perimeter of the costume around the bust and waist.

Voila! A better look and functional fit ready for dancing!