Whiplash-super mascot of the Erie BayHawks

Like most work that I get...my phone rings. It was a call from a woman looking to become the first female mascot of a basketball team-- The Erie BayHawks NBA Development League! Long story short: she was having a difficult time finding a design that suited her dream character and a person who could create it within a fairly short timeframe. The project piqued my interest right away, and I was ready to begin sketching after our conversation. To my delight, my favorite design was exactly the one she was looking for, and with some added features, the project was a go. This is a dream project for me--to design and execute something that my client and I felt so passionately about that would be seen by thousands of people!

Here I have attached the final sketch and compiled some photos of the work in process and the final image before "Whiplash" was off to debut. Check out her Facebook fan page to see pictures of her at the game! To see more project pictures head on over to my gallery. I have been invited to see her in action at tomorrow's game. I am so excited! I'll post pictures from the event on my Jen Rocket Sewing/Design Studio Facebook page!