Colonial Williamsburg Trip!

I had a great time this past week with my family in Colonial Williamsburg VA. I visited the site on 3 different days so I was able to encounter most of the craft based houses in the town. Here I have made some collages of what I saw. I was able to speak with some of the artists and apprentices about their trade and learned a ton! It was very fruitful and inspiring. I found that the shoemakers tools were similar to what I use today to hand sew leather, but with much better quality & functionality.I noticed the simple but ergonomic way he used belts and blocks of wood to hold and support the leather piece being sewn. In fact I talked so much that I took One picture-this sewing awl. The milliner was also fascinating I was able to handle a mantua (frock/dress) with an interchangeable stomacher, try on a pair of stays (corset-like bodice), and a sleeve ruffle. I also viewed accessories at the Dewitt Wallace Decorative Arts MuseumAs well as the weavers and the silversmith.