This is a series I hope to have a TON of different examples for. Before--->After meaning that I will take a photo before and after I alter a garment! This first post is extra special being that it is a wedding dress for a beautiful wedding at Phipps Conservatory this July 2012! My client brought me a cute dress she found in L.A. and wanted the top to be changed and to have a lining added.The before pictures have the safety pins marking where the lines on the top are to be altered and the after pictures with the added lining and charming cinching belt. I have to say I LOVE this dress! It was hard to let go after I worked on it! Here is what the bride said to me about her dress "Its amazing. You did an awesome job !! Love it. Thx!!" I can't wait to see her on her special day as well! Yes I will post an update! Enjoy