my cool job!

Besides the fact that I have been married to a wonderful and talented man recently, most of my time has been taken up by my current employment at Custom Characters Inc. where I have been working full-time for a bit now and I am having so much fun! I wish that I could share all the great projects and characters I get to work on but at least I have these pictures to share! The first picture with the giant O.P. Otter of Seaworld, he is the first head I learned how to finish, and I did 2 at once. The second pictures is of me with Stoik and Gobber of How to Train Your Dragon, I did the preliminary hair work on these guys and have made a few more since. I have also done the hair on Megamind here! I did around a dozen or so of his eyebrows and goatee. Then lastly King Julien of Madagascar. He is the guy I have done the most head finishing on. From sewing the leaves to covering the face and putting together in inner fixing of the skull, can't count how may of him I have done but it's more than a dozen I am pretty sure. I am so thankful to work at this magical place!