Soft Goods Product Design

+ What is Soft Goods?

-In short: Textiles. The term Soft Goods is a subclass of goods where fabrics are part of its make. Soft goods are typically functional consumer goods like therapeutic & medical wearable garments, bags, plush toys, some sports equipment, basically anything with fabric as a part of it!

Some examples of products we have made:

  • Wearable technology
  • Medical/personal care
  • Sporting goods
  • Pet care
  • Mascot costuming
  • Specialty garments
  • Tactical Gear
  • Props
  • Toys

+ How do we begin?

-Please use the contact page or email me directly at designer@jenrocket.com to begin I will gladly sign any Non Disclosure Agreements if required and move forward from there.

+ What Soft Goods Product Services are offered at the Studio?

  • Concept development and refinement
  • Fit, function, and styling research (male/female/unisex)
  • Materials sourcing assistance
  • Pattern draping & drafting
  • Iterative Sample Sewing
  • Material behavior analyses
  • Fit testing, size chart development
  • Tech pack/Spec sheet building
  • Factory communications

Bridal Gown Alterations

+ What is the alterations process like? (fittings timeline etc.)

-I start with a consultation fitting where we see the gown on you together and decide what alterations & design changes could be made and a quote is given. This includes “Heirloom” gowns as well as new ones.

-Once a timeline is established we set dates for the work to start. If the gown is left in the studio for work, half of the quote is paid up front. The other half + materials /notions is paid at the last fitting.

-Fittings tend to take 20-45 minutes. Generally 1-3 fittings are sufficient depending on the amount of work needed.

-Payment options are cash, check and credit card via Square.

+ When should I schedule an appointment for alterations for my wedding or special event?

-I can schedule up to 6 months in advance. At the latest 1-2 months in advance can usually work.

-Sometimes I can squeeze in a quick turnaround of minor alterations so if you are desperate, contact me with your wedding date information and a brief description of what you need, and I will try to fit you in.

+ Can you add cups to a dress? I am not even sure if I need them...

-Yes I have a variety of cups here to choose from. I also have many tricks to make gowns fit like a glove. Feel free to ask me any questions and share your thoughts on how the dress is or is not fitting the way you like in the contact page.

+ What if I plan to lose weight to better fit my wedding or special event gown?

-Typically We have a consultation for the fitting up to three months before the wedding date just go get acquainted, then a second fitting where alterations are noted to begin are done 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding date.

+ Can I bring family and friends to fittings?

-Of course! The more the merrier!!

+ Can you make a veil or a shawl to go with my wedding gown?

-Yes, please have inspiration pictures ready for discussion. I have tons of fabrics and lace here. I can also shop for what you need.

-Also feel free to add an “Heirloom” i.e. Great Grandma’s brooch or bit of Mom’s lace from her gown. If you want any heirloom added in, I will do my best to make it shine!

+ Do you do alterations for those outside of Pittsburgh?

-Rarely. It really helps to be in town.

Upcycling & Re-working

+ What is Upcycling? Re-working?

Upcycling -To process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something that is often better than the original:

-Upcycling can be a mix of old and new. We often start with heirlooms or something vintage. Use other garment or fabrics along with couture sewing techniques to create a new usually better fitting garment or keepsake.

Re-Work -To make changes to something, especially in order to make it more up to date or more flattering!

-Similar to Upcycling, but usually on a contemporary garment. A re-work often starts with changing the design. Like adding a corset to the back, changing the neckline, adding a good amount of new fabric or embellishments for an update.